Autoscopy - Watch Yourself Get F*cked

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Autoscopy - the viewing of yourself from an external perspective. 

Taking away someone's sight or changing what they can see is a fun way to change the dynamic and energy when playing. Watching your partner massage your back, or take you from behind is something you would normally never get to experience!

How it works

A camera to capture the viewpoint, and a screen to display it on are all that are required for this kind of experience! We recommend using VR-style goggles for the most immersive experience. This is especially fun for seeing someone else's first person view (what they see) 

What fun things can I do with it?

You could:

  • Have your partner wear the camera on their head and you can share their experience - live through their eyes!
  • Put the camera on a dildo or other toy you are playing with for solo play
  • Have your partner wear the camera on their belt, shoe, or wrist
  • Wear the camera on the back of your head - watch how sexy your partner is when playing with you from behind
  • Set it up in the corner and watch your scene as though your were a spying voyeur
  • Grab some bright lights and see what it would look like if you were the subject of a porn shoot 


Using off the shelf cameras and goggles used for drones makes this project fairly simple to do! There is a wide range of quality in fpv cameras and receivers, but you can get started with the concept for around $130. If you love it, there are much higher quality/professional options that cost up to $500+

Below are some links to materials you'll need. Be aware that the standard drone cameras don't have a convenient power connector. We've made up a kit that runs on USB you can buy below, or if you're handy and like to DIY - you can wire up your own to USB.


This is how you'll capture the video. Wireless fpv cameras meant for drones is what we recommend.

Camera Battery/Power

  • Any USB charger or battery pack will work for the basic camera (including the Research and Desire kit camera)


This is how you'll see the camera feed. fpv goggles are the most immersive, but you could also send the video to a receiver for a TV/monitor - fun if you want others to see as well!

I want to make more kinky DIY tech!

Check out the Kinky Makers discord which has thousands of kinksters hacking their own projects. From clay dildos to latex clothing to internet controlled robots, there's people interested in making and helping YOU make on kinky makers discord. 

Check it out at the Kinky Makers Discord