How to use your trainer

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Your device has a lot of features, and that’s really fun! 

We’ll go through the basics of getting started, and getting your device connected to the internet so you can get to the good stuff…

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Ways To Train


Practice taking the toy in your mouth like you are giving a blowjob. Each repetition the toy guides you a little deeper.


  • Number of Repetitions – Set how long each session lasts
  • Training Speed – How fast you take the toy into your mouth
  • Depth Progression – How much deeper you pushed during the session
  • Difficulty – How forgiving the training is. Determines if you have to be in exactly the right spot at all times, or if you just roughly in the right position.


Practice holding the toy deep in your mouth. Recommended for more advanced users, or once you’ve been practicing for a while.


  • Goal Time – Length of time you are trying to achieve with the toy fully in your mouth, or deepthroating.

Connecting Your Device


When you first get your device, you will need to connect it to your WiFi network.

When you see this screen, hold the front button down. The trainer will create a WiFi network that you can connect to with your mobile device or laptop called "Trainer Setup".

If you have an iPhone, you will be directed to the settings page where you can select your home WiFi network and enter your password. Once it is connected, you can restart the device and get training!

If you have an 

Using an Android device to change settings

You will see a notice that internet is not available on this network – that’s okay! 
Tap Keep Wi-Fi connection

Once connected, select – manage router. This will take you to the device settings page!


Select Configure WiFi, find your local network, and enter your password.
Restart your device and enjoy!